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      Wiggen@Gearslutz wrote:

      One great thing about the motion sequence is obvious with the Minilogue. Lots of videos online where the built-in sequencer have no notes, only LFO-modulation. So when you actually play notes live, the modulation is already recorded in the motion sequence. Very simple and very useful.
      Imagine a LFO-mod on the ER-1 or increasing the number of available motion sequences to four per sequence. With the midi CC-hack this should be quite simple for the programmer.

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        Started to think about this. I assume by ‘increasing the number of available motion sequences to four per sequence’ you mean ‘four per part’? It would be very complicated to increase the number of motion sequences for each part. However, it might be possible to increase the number for just a few parts. In other words, reassign them between parts.

        Out of the box ER-1 has 10 motion sequences in total, one per part (ACCENT does not count). Browsed through all factory patterns in Pattern Browser and only a few patterns have 3 or 4 parts with a motion sequence. In most cases it is 1 or none. So, considering that the total of motion sequences remains 10, it might be possible to, as an example, assign 4 of them to one part, 3 to the next and 3 to yet another. This scheme would be different per pattern, naturally. How does this sound?

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          That is a great way to do it!

          I mostly use only two parts of the er-1, but with new samples I might engage even mote parts.

          Also, in Song Mode one can add motion sequences.

          My proposal:
          ”Enter motion sequnce mode”.

          1. Press Shift and Motion Sequence to select, assign and add (#1-#10) motion sequence(s) to the actual part.

          2. Select what number (1-10) on the sequencer pads.

          3. (A) The display will inform which one number of motion seq (1-10) you have activated. (B) Or the pads of the sequencer will lit up the number of the motion seq (1-10).

          4. The 10 available motion seqs can be assigned to all parts, but be careful not to overwrite and ”steal” from previous parts.

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          Mark V

            I think reassigning the motion sequences to a couple of parts would be amazing.

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              This would be an excellent added feature to the already great work done.
              Did you have any luck with doing this?

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                I am in the middle of the luck right now 🙂 Not quite there yet but somewhat working.

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