Electribe ER-1 is an iconic groove box that, despite numerous descendants refuses to go away. No serious anthology of ‘best rhythm machines ever’ would dare to get away with ignoring Electribes. Ultimate tweakability married with unique sounds. Born in the nineties it is still being used and sworn by many musicians almost two decades later in spite of serious flaws that have been plaguing it. This is an attempt to put things straight and remedy at least some of the historical injustice suffered by this fantastic box.


Legal disclaimer

  1. Electribe Shaman Firmware update is a Service provided by Elecetribe Shaman (operator of this web site). The Service allows legal Owners of 1st generation Electribe devices have their devices upgraded with software patches extending the functionality of the original firmware with features that were not available before. The Manufacturer of Electribe devices owns all the rights to the original firmware, factory samples and preloaded pattern data.
  2. This Service is available to legal Owners of Electribe devices. In order to subscribe, an owner of an Electribe device has to present the Model name and Serial number of his/her device as the proof of ownership. The Model name and Serial number have to be provided either in written or in form of a photo either via email or web form.
  3. This Service is not related or affiliated to the Manufacturer of Electribe devices. The provider of the Service is not subject to any contractual agreements, legal obligations or any other settlements, oral or written, with the Manufacturer. The provider of the Service has not violated any terms or conditions that may or may not apply.
  4. The one-time subscription fee entitles the paying subscriber to the latest, as well as all forthcoming, versions and revisions of Shaman Firmware update. The subscription applies to one Electribe device and permits the legal Owner of the device to download and install each firmware update multiple (but not unlimited!) number of times. The subscription is not transferrable to other Owners of similar devices.