The subscription fee for Electribe Shaman Firmware update and its subsequent versions is USD40, EUR37 or GBP32, whichever is preferred by the subscriber. To subscribe:

(a) Send an email to indicating Electribe device MODEL and SERIAL No. as shown on the label on the bottom of the device. When in doubt taking a photo of the label is good as well. In the email do also provide the current factory firmware version (a three-digit number). To find this press and hold SHIFT while turning Electribe on.

(b) SEND a PayPal payment to indicating the MODEL and SERIAL No. in payment details. Please choose “Sending to a friend” when prompted. An email notification with the license key will be provided thereafter in a few days.

(c) Examine the installation instructions at carefully and make sure your MIDI connection works properly. Please pay attention to the notes on Sysex compatibiity of your MIDI USB Interface. Inability of some USB MIDI Interfaces to transfer long Sysex messages may result in crippled MIDI connection with dire consequences to firmware reflashing process.

(d) Download the latest erflash.exe installation utility located on the same page and follow the instructions. Please note that as of now the installation utility runs on 64-bit Windows only.

Note: Updating firmware does not require any hardware modifications. The whole process involves reflashing the firmware only and takes a couple of minutes to complete. Firmware update is applicable to ER-1 as well as ER-1mkII.