Transmitting MIDI Continuous Controller (CC) messages

If a 1st generation Electribe can be made to receive CC messages, it can be made to transmit them as well, right?

Sure. However, unlike reception, transmission is only possible for either CC or NRPN, and not for both at the same time. To maintain compatibility with stock Electribes this is made possible with addition of a new menu item in Electribe Shaman Firmware update 3.0.4. Pressing MIDI > DOWN > DOWN >DOWN > DOWN brings up a new, unlabeled menu option that allows one to dial the desired transmission mode as seen below. The preferred mode can be made permanent with WRITE.

And for those who have inquired whether the features seen on video are ER-1mkII only or available on the original ER-1 as well, a picture is worth more than a thousand words:

ER-1mkII NRPN Mode ER-1 NRPN Mode ER-1mkII CC Mode ER-1 CC Mode

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