MIDI Continuous Controller (CC) messages for Electribe EM-1

Important: This Firmware update is not available for subscription at the moment.

Electribe Shaman Firmware update made MIDI Continuous Controller (CC) messages available for Electribe ER-1 owners a few years ago. The same functionality now becomes available to Electribe EM-1 owners as well. A brief overview of why’s and how’s (although in ER-1 context) is at this site:


During MIDI reception, both CC and NRPN messages are recognized. It is not recommended to mix them though (ie. try to receive both simultaneously) as that might confuse Electribe and result in some lost messages. However, transmission is only possible in either CC or NRPN format, and not both at the same time. To maintain compatibility with stock Electribes or custom software the choice between transmission mode can be made with a keystroke. Holding SHIFT and PATTERN SET keys while pressing STEP16 (PROTECT) brings up MIDI Format selection allowing one to dial the desired transmission mode (either CC or NRPN). The preferred mode can be made permanent with WRITE.

To put MIDI CC messages to use they must first be mapped to the knobs and buttons of the specific MIDI controller, surface, DAW etc. The list of MIDI CC messages introduced by Shaman Firmware and the corresponding original NRPN messages is here (H = Hex, D = Decimal).

NRPN [H]ParameterData Entry Value (D)CC# [H]CC# [D]
06 00Drum1 Pitch0~1270808
06 01Drum1 Level0~1270909
06 02Drum1 EG Time0~1270A10
06 03Drum1 Pan0~1270B11
06 04Drum1 Amp EG0~10C12
06 05Drum1 Roll0~10D13
06 06Drum1 Effect Send0~10E14
06 07Drum1 Motion Seq Type0~2 : Off/Smooth/TrigHold0F15
06 08Drum2 Pitch0~1271016
06 09Drum2 Level0~1271117
06 0ADrum2 EG Time0~1271218
06 0BDrum2 Pan0~1271319
06 0CDrum2 Amp EG0~11420
06 0DDrum2 Roll0~11521
06 0EDrum2 Effect Send0~11622
06 0FDrum2 Motion Seq Type0~2 : Off/Smooth/TrigHold1723
06 10Drum3 Pitch0~1271824
06 11Drum3 Level0~1271925
06 12Drum3 EG Time0~1271A26
06 13Drum3 Pan0~1271B27
06 14Drum3 Amp EG0~11C28
06 15Drum3 Roll0~11D29
06 16Drum3 Effect Send0~11E30
06 17Drum3 Motion Seq Type0~2 : Off/Smooth/TrigHold1F31
06 18Drum4 Pitch0~12773115
06 19Drum4 Level0~1272133
06 1ADrum4 EG Time0~1272234
06 1BDrum4 Pan0~1272335
06 1CDrum4 Amp EG0~12436
06 1DDrum4 Roll0~12537
06 1EDrum4 Effect Send0~12638
06 1FDrum4 Motion Seq Type0~2 : Off/Smooth/TrigHold2739
06 20Drum5A Pitch0~1272840
06 21Drum5A Level0~1272941
06 22Drum5A EG Time0~1272A42
06 23Drum5A Pan0~1272B43
06 24Drum5A Amp EG0~12C44
06 25Drum5A Roll0~12D45
06 26Drum5A Effect Send0~12E46
06 27Drum5A Motion Seq Type0~2 : Off/Smooth/TrigHold2F47
06 28Drum5B Pitch0~1273048
06 29Drum5B Level0~1273149
06 2ADrum5B EG Time0~1273250
06 2BDrum5B Pan0~1273351
06 2CDrum5B Amp EG0~13452
06 2DDrum5B Roll0~13553
06 2EDrum5B Effect Send0~13654
06 2FDrum5B Motion Seq Type0~2 : Off/Smooth/TrigHold3755
06 30Drum6A Pitch0~1273856
06 31Drum6A Level0~1273957
06 32Drum6A EG Time0~1273A58
06 33Drum6A Pan0~1273B59
06 34Drum6A Amp EG0~13C60
06 35Drum6A Roll0~13D61
06 36Drum6A Effect Send0~13E62
06 37Drum6A Motion Seq Type0~2 : Off/Smooth/TrigHold3F63
06 38Drum6B Pitch0~1274064
06 39Drum6B Level0~1274165
06 3ADrum6B EG Time0~1274266
06 3BDrum6B Pan0~1274367
06 3CDrum6B Amp EG0~14468
06 3DDrum6B Roll0~14569
06 3EDrum6B Effect Send0~14670
06 3FDrum6B Motion Seq Type0~2 : Off/Smooth/TrigHold4771
06 40Synth1 Glide0~1274872
06 41Synth1 Level0~1274973
06 42Synth1 EG Time0~1274A74
06 43Synth1 Pan0~1274B75
06 44Synth1 Amp EG0~14C76
06 45Synth1 Roll0~14D77
06 46Synth1 Effect Send0~14E78
06 47Synth1 Motion Seq Type0~2 : Off/Smooth/TrigHold4F79
06 48Synth1 CutOff0~1275080
06 49Synth1 Resonance0~1275181
06 4ASynth1 EG Int0~1275282
06 4BSynth1 Drive0~1275383
06 50Synth2 Glide0~1275484
06 51Synth2 Level0~1275585
06 52Synth2 EG Time0~1275686
06 53Synth2 Pan0~1275787
06 54Synth2 Amp EG0~15888
06 55Synth2 Roll0~15989
06 56Synth2 Effect Send0~15A90
06 57Synth2 Motion Seq Type0~2 : Off/Smooth/TrigHold5B91
06 58Synth2 CutOff0~1275C92
06 59Synth2 Resonance0~1275D93
06 5ASynth2 EG Int0~1275E94
06 5BSynth2 Drive0~1275F95
06 5EDrum Accent Motion Seq SW0/2 : Off/TrigHold66102
06 5FSynth Accent Motion Seq SW0/2 : Off/TrigHold67103
06 60Delay Depth0~12768104
06 61Delay Time0~12769105
06 62Effect Type0~106A106
06 63Effect Param 10~1276B107
06 64Effect Param 20~1276C108
06 65Delay Motion Seq SW0~16D109
06 66Effect Motion Seq SW0~16E110
06 67Drum Accent Level0~1276F111
06 68Synth Accent Level0~12770112
06 6BMute 1Bit6 : 0/1=Mute/Solo
Bit5~0(P5B~P1)=1 : Mute
06 6CMute 2Bit6 : 0/1=Mute/Solo
Bit3~0(S2,S1,PB6,P6A)=1 : Mute 


  1. tom_tm says:

    This is excellent news. One of the major gripes about my own EM-1 is that although there once was a editor/librarian available for it, despite the librarian still available for download, there is no way to authorise it as Midiweb.de have gone awol. I hope this firmware modification will be useful in order to create another librarian/editor and open up this beast of a box (and to run on a Mac as well). Keep up the good work!

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