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      It would be nice if the knobs could be “muted” – when holding down shift and turning a knob, nothing should happen. This is a nice feature seen on yamaha groove boxes.

      It is very helpful in multitimbral operation so the user can position the knob correctly after changing part without values jumping around.

      Also part select buttons should be mutable, so that a new part can be selected without triggering it or unmuting it. hi

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        Thanks. This sounds doable enough. If other people would support this as well, it could happen pretty soon. Just to be clear, how you see it is that you would turn a knob while holding the SHIFT key, and nothing would happen. Then, as you release the SHIFT key, the parameter would ‘jump’ to the value the knob happens to be at? Would the ‘look’ of the knob be precise enough to get what you want? And what should happen when you turn multiple knobs, one after another, and only then release the SHIFT – should they all jump to new values?

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          Actually there is another feature that I already started tinkering with. I have always been missing the feature from some of the synths with encoder wheel I own (Roland JX-10 for example) where the display would show the changing value of a knob or wheel being turned. That would complement ‘knob muting’ pretty nicely, wouldn’t it?

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            On the yamaha groovboxes (rs-7000 etc.) the shift buttons just mute the knob function when you turn it. When shift is released, nothing happens – it does not send the new values instantly. Only when you start moving the knobs again after release shift it will start outputting the values. The only purpose of this is to make an aproximate correct setting of the knob positions after changing multitimbral part and before tweaking start, in a lve situation.

            But maybe it would be cool the other way you described, instantly after shift release values all knobs that has been tweaked are sent – although I dont see any actual usage of this.

            Yeah, having the values show up in display would be cool. But It would be nice if that function can be activated/deactivated in the menu since it might be distracting for some.

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              Yes, it has always been anoying when you select an instrument and you turn a knob the value jumps directly to where the knob is pointing. Resulting in a very abrupt change.
              Another trick could be that after selecting an instrument, when you start turning a knob, instead of jumping to the value pointed, turning wouldnt affect the value untill it has reached it’s original value.

              select drum part 1
              pitch is at value 2 but knob points at 10
              turning pitch knob from 10 to 2 wouldnt affect sound
              knob reaches 2, the sound start being affected from that point

              I believe there’s a similar option in a alternative firmaware for sonic potion LXR.
              Would be a such an improvement for the workflow, specially in live/stage performance!

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                “ Also part select buttons should be mutable, so that a new part can be selected without triggering it or unmuting it. hi”

                I hugely support this- it is crazy to me that selecting a part for editing (even using shift) unmutes it. This can be overridden by turning the level all the way down first I guess, but it is cumbersome

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                  Knob mute would be awesome, as would be displaying the parameter values!

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                    (PS: after posting I realized, that you already implemented value display … cool!)

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