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    Martin Bell

      First I’d like to thank you for the work you’ve done so far. The ER-1 for me is special as it was one of my first drum machines I brought when I was just a kid from the now defunct Turnkey’s in London and have gone through a cycle of love/hate but those samples always let it down for me.

      Any way thank you for adding the ability to have your own user replaceable samples, my question or request is can the samples be made to sound worse i.e. by by-passing the anti aliasing filter or LPF so you can get that crunchy noise you’d hear from an old sampler especially when pitching down?

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        If by ‘an old sampler’ you mean AKAI S900/950, the ‘grit’ mostly comes from timestretching and resampling at lower rate. You can go down to 7.5KHz with S950 while Electribe has sample rate firmly set at 32KHz. Also, most of the ‘old samplers’ had some sort of real analog filter (LPF) while Electribe is pure digital until the final DAC stage, although many refer to it as an ‘analog’. So if you want your custom samples sound more ‘gritty’ you have to achieve this outside of the Electribe box.

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