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      Important: This Firmware update is not available for subscription at the moment.

      Note: 3.1.0 is the first public Shaman Firmware release for Electribe EM-1. This version includes most of the features available in Shaman Firmware update for Electribe ER-1, and then some that have been passionately asked for.

      Electribe Shaman Firmware 3.0.3:Ability to Send and Receive MIDI CC (Contimuous Controller) messages. Provides the ability to receive MIDI CC messages in addition to (original) MIDI NRPN messages. Provides the ability to transmit MIDI CC messages and to select between CC and NRPN formats. The list of MIDI CC message numbers can be found here:

      Electribe Shaman Firmware 3.0.5:Display running knob values while SHIFT button is held. This allows more precise editing of parameter values offering functionality similar to more expensive groove boxes, eg. Yamaha RS7000. When turning a knob without holding SHIFT display is not affected.

      Electribe Shaman Firmware 3.0.6:SUPERSHIFT mode, invoked by holding SHIFT and PATTERN SET keys and pressing a STEP key. Available SuperShift functions are:

      CLEAR ALL PARTS (SUPERSHIFT+STEP9) Clears ALL Parts of the selected Pattern.
      CLEAR ALL MOTION (SUPERSHIFT+STEP8) Clears ALL Motion of the selected Pattern, including Global Delay, Effect Edit 1 and Effect Edit 2
      COPY ALL SOUND (SUPERSHIFT+STEP7) Copies ALL Sound parameters from a selected Pattern to current Pattern.


      Electribe Shaman Firmware 3.0.9:COMPARE PATTERN, similar to COMPARE function on EMX-1 and ESX-1. Allows momentarily switching from a Pattern being edited to the original Pattern with SHIFT+PATTERN, and returning to the edits with all changes intact by pressing PATTERN. Note: If SHIFT+PATTERN is pressed for the second time (while PATTERN is blinking), temporary changes are overwritten with the original pattern and lost. Note: Works while a pattern is playing as well.

      Electribe Shaman Firmware 3.1.0:Long awaited MUTE LOCK and MUTE SAVE functions, combining similar funntionality of EMX-1, ESX-1 or MC-303:

      Pressing SHIFT+MUTE Puts the device in MUTE LOCK mode. The state of currently active MUTES is retained after PAUSE and STOP. While MUTE LOCK is active, when a new pattern is selected and starts playing it inherits the MUTE states of the previous one. MUTE LOCK is defeated (turned OFF) by pressing SHIFT+MUTE again. MUTE LOCK status is indicated by the flashing SYNTH ACCENT LED.
      Pressing SUPERSHIFT+MUTE Instantly mutes ALL the parts (8 DRUM parts, 2 SYNTH parts) of the currently playing pattern.
      Pressing WRITE in PATTERN mode Stores the state of currently active MUTES with the pattern. The next time that pattern is selected the saved MUTES are automatically loaded and activated. Thus, when a new pattern is selected in PLAY mode the stored MUTES will become effective. However, when MUTE LOCK is currently active it takes precedence and overrides the stored MUTE settings of a pattern.

      Note: Both MUTE LOCK and MUTE ALL work while a pattern is playing.

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        Fantastic to see you working on a hack for the wonderful EM-1. Could you consider adding MIDI out for the roll function? Also the ability to copy then paste a synth part to second synth part within the same pattern? However if neither are possible then no worries as all the other new features look super lovely. 🙂

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